Every time you step into The Golden Tap expect to have a different adventure, infact -we encourage it.  We love all things related to beer- taste, menu pairings, and the people behind the brew. We want to share those experiences with you. As the beer experts we offer the best selection of craft beers from all around the world as well as popular, and ever so important, local brews. Interested in advancing from beer curious to a beer connoisseur? We offer a chance to become A Golden Tap Brew Connoisseur through our loyalty program. 

Earn a point for every different beer you try at The Golden Tap; earning you rewards such as T-shirts, mugs, and even parties in your honor with the tab on us! To join just ask your bartender. And, to track your progress to connoisseur, see what beers you’ve had, and find what beers you have yet to discover download our Golden Tap Brew Connoisseur App for Iphone or Android.


Beer tastes better with food, and it all tastes better with the friends you bring, so make sure and partake in The Golden Tap's perfectly paired menu. Our staff is trained to help you pick the perfect brew for your favorite menu Item. From pretzels to sausages, we have a little something for every appetite.